Artemis I launch, Nov. 16, 2022

AMHoF Announces
"Celebrating Women of manufacturing"
April 3, 2024
2023 Inductees.

AMHOF Announces
“Boldly Go! Celebrating those
who innovate!"
2023 Inductees.

For more than 350 years Connecticut has been the birthplace of invention.
The helicopter, nuclear submarine, sewing machine, WASP airplane engine and even the first space suit on the moon were all born and manufactured in our state

To honor this legacy, a passionate group of manufacturing stakeholders founded the American Manufacturing Hall of Fame (AHHoF) in 2014. AMHoF Celebrates those who both Innovate new products and production processes and Educate our next generation of makers.

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Induction Ceremony
supports scholarship
programs of the
College of Technology.
Here’s to the makers!

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Photo Courtesy: CT STATE community college